Housing and Support Services

Safe at Home

The Housing and Support Services programs provide coordinated resources and care to families to prevent a housing crisis. Case management support and rental assistance are also provided to families to transition them from homelessness to housing using the best practice Rapid Re-Housing model.

We’re here for you.

What we do

Provide rent and utility assistance to prevent a housing crisis; transition families from homelessness to permanent housing.


How we do it

We provide Rapid Rehousing and Permanent Supportive Housing programs for Individuals, families, and youth ages 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness Case management is provided to help maintain stable housing. We provide diversion services to help individuals and families remain in their homes. 


We process more than 200 rent and utility assistance applications each month, and provide case management support to more than 45 families each month.


Caring Professionals

Your caring and professionalism are a credit to you and your team.

Here For You

You are all angels without wings.


You are amazing and I wouldn’t want anyone else as my caseworker, you have a beautiful soul.

Thank You

Thank you so much, you have touched my heart.

Appreciate Everything

I appreciate everything you are doing for me and my family.

Don’t Know Where I Would Be

I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Family Service.

Changed My Life

This program has changed my life.


It’s rare to find someone who cares as much as you do.


It has been such a blessing receiving assistance from you all.

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