Behavioral Health Program

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Building a Strong Foundation.

The Behavioral Health Program strengthens families and supports youth through individual and family therapy, skill-building, referrals, and advocacy. Individual and Family Therapy services are provided within the school setting to assist individuals and families in dealing with life stressors that impact their behaviors and relationships at school or home.

We’re here for you.

What we do

Partner with schools and the community to provide direct and indirect care to youth and families.


How we do it

We help with school and encourage community-based therapy, while establishing and connecting you with Community Response Services.


 89% of youth in 2020 showed improvement when comparing pre- and post-treatment assessments.

Stories and Testimonials

“Thank You”

Dear Ms. Patty, thank you for teaching me ways to help me not hurt myself and keep calm. I hope to see you in the future, and I would love to be a helper like you.


SOOOO I was talking with a student today about his future and careers. And he asked me what I did for a living…I am sure I had a confused look on my face, and I replied I do therapy with students…just like what I am doing with you. He replied…”you get paid to meet with me”. SMH. He then said “I thought you just talked with kids because you like to”.

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