Youth Development Program

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The Youth Development Program partners with schools, families, and neighborhoods to provide expanded learning opportunities in safe environments while helping to build stronger communities.

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What we do

Provide life-long learning opportunities and partner with schools, families and neighborhood residents to promote youth development and stronger communities.


How we do it

We encourage the use of Before and After School Programs, Community Learning Centers, and Summer Programs.


In 2022, 3,037 students participated in before/after school programs and extended learning clubs across 21 sites, including 8 Community Learning Centers

Program Details

Family Service Lincoln is a safe and exciting program filled with fun and creative learning centers that are designed for children to learn through play and active involvement. With fantastic indoor and outdoor play areas, children have daily opportunities for exploratory activities and large muscle play. We use appropriate curriculums for each age group designed to recognize the different levels of ability and development.

We employ a professional staff who acknowledges individual differences in the children and creates an environment that allows children to develop at their own pace through active exploration. The children are involved in activities that meet their specific needs in all development areas including emotional, social, and physical and intellectual.

Family Service Youth Development Program Locations:

  • Adams Elementary School
  • Beattie Elementary School
  • Cavett Elementary School
  • Eastridge Elementary School
  • Dawes Community School
  • Fredstrom Elementary School
  • Goodrich Community School
  • Hill Elementary School
  • Holmes Community School
  • Humann Elementary School
  • Huntington Community School
  • Kloefkorn Elementary School
  • Maxey Elementary School
  • Meadow Lane Elementary School
  • Morley Elementary School
  • Prescott Community School
  • Riley Community School
  • Rousseau Elementary School
  • Saratoga Community School
  • Sheridan Elementary School
  • West Lincoln Community School

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