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Helping Employees Thrive

Family Service Lincoln seeks the highest quality staff to provide service through one of our various accredited programs designed to meet the needs of families and children.

"Professional Growth"

My position has provided me terrific opportunities for professional growth. I greatly admire my dedicated, hard-working co-workers and appreciate the opportunity to work alongside them.

"Great Opportunity"

As a college student, Family Service Lincoln allows a great opportunity to work with kids (which builds a professional experience) while working around your class schedule. It is so unbelievably nice to not be limited to work in retail or the food industry just because I am a student.

"So Thankful"

I absolutely love my job and being able to work with children is something I enjoy doing! My supervisor and co-workers are amazing and just all around am so thankful to work for Family Service Lincoln.

"Wonderful Team"

I am passionate to work with kids and, at the same time, I have my wonderful team who is helping me a lot. I am fortunate to be part of an amazing team that helps kids and changes lives. Thank you for this opportunity!

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We are


We value all families and put them first.



We are flexible to meet the needs of families.


We are committed to quality for better outcomes and bigger impacts.



We strategically partner across programs and with other organizations to ensure families succeed.


We operate with integrity and are transparent in all our interactions.


We promote health and prepare families for the future.