Child Care Food Program (CCFP)


The Child Care Food Program (CCFP) reimburses home child care providers for serving nutritious meals and snacks to children.

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Promote healthy meals and provide early childhood education and support


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Meal Reimbursement


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3,502,191 nutritious meals provided to children

If you like to provide the best care for children and have more spendable income at the end of the year, the Child Care Food Program is for YOU!  The Child Care Food Program has been reimbursing family child care providers for a portion of their nutrition costs since 1968.

Nationwide, about 200,000 family child care providers took advantage of the program last year.

Below are the meal reimbursement rates.  These rates are released on July 1 every year.

July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Tier I Tier II
Breakfast $1.31 $0.48
Lunch/Supper $2.46 $1.48
Snack $0.73 $0.20

Benefits offered by Family Service Child Care Food Program:

  • Local, caring, experienced consultants
  • Free  “Child Care Outreach” newsletter every other month
  • Free yearly record keeping calendar
  • Free nutrition and educational workshops
  • Cookbooks and nutrition materials
  • Cash Reimbursement via check or direct deposit
  • Quick and easy forms or online claiming
  • Home Study Lessons
  • Knowledgeable nutrition guidance
  • And much, much more


CCFP Forms and Information

WIC Information Flier

Direct Deposit Form

Income Eligibility for Provider

Income Eligibility for Parents

For more information, please contact us at 402-441-7924 or
1-800-642-6481 or email us at

Home Study Lessons

Materials can be viewed and downloaded from the Password Protected Page by using the link below. If you have any issues accessing this page or need a password please contact -


Trainings for over 1000+ providers

Dollars in food reimbursements

Child care providers in 85 counties

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